Designed to Work From Home by India's Largest Team & Most Experienced Team of Orthodontists.

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Why LoveMyBraces?

Correcting crooked teeth and transforming your smile could not get easier, more discreet or ‘Love’lier than this! Say ‘Hey’ to the future of perfectly aligned teeth with the new-age, advanced and virtually invisible LoveMyBraces Aligners delivered right at your doorstep!

  • Customized technology in your home and comfort

  • Virtually invisible making it impossible to spot

  • Removable and low on daily maintenance

  • Designed and followed up with by an Orthodontist

  • Custom made with European technology

  • Accurate, predictable end results

  • No food restrictions, makes day-to-day life easy

How it works.


    Team LMB visits your home, conducts a consultation & 3D-Scan and suggests the best suited treatment for you.


    Your LMB Orthodontist prepares your customised Treatment Plan and shares the actual simulation of your future smile.


    Your very own 3D-printed LoveMyBraces Aligners delivered personally to you by your LMB Orthodontist.


    Your journey to a perfect smile begins from the comfort of your home with LMB's tech-enabled monitoring system.

Our Advantages.

LoveMyBraces invisible aligners provide an ideal solution for teeth straightening suited for all lifestyles! Whether you are a busy on-the-go professional, a homemaker with an active social life or a student looking to make a good first impression, LoveMyBraces aligners are custom-made to fit your needs with expert support provided remotely at home, or in our exclusive partner clinics.

Orthodontic Aligners


Designed to work from home, our invisible aligners are discreet & won’t interfere with your professional or social life.


With India’s largest network of dental professionals, support from a LoveMyBraces Orthodontist is just a call away.


While our service evolves with technology and time, the experience of correcting over 1 lac cases within our Orthodontist network remains.


They say a smile costs nothing. With our EMIs starting at Rs. 2,352, we kind of agree! Choose from convenient EMI options.

Our Plans

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EMIs starting at ₹ 2,352

Invisible Braces Advantages

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Patient Testimonials

Happy Patients is the only true measure of the ”Love” in Lovemybraces White Logo
and our exclusive clinical partner Clove Dental

Probably one of the most smooth and clear understandings given by Dr Vidhi on everything about Invisible braces. Prices were explained beforehand clearly with no hidden charges. Services provided was on time and from time-to-time follow-ups were made by the doctor herself All the staff treated me super nicely during all parts of treatment. Happy with the service provided.

Arun Subramaniam

Team LMB had carried all clinical procedures with the utmost care. Special thanks to Dr Vidhi Vatsala for her professional approach, continuous guidance and patience to handle all my queries. Also, thanks to Dr Ahmed for his commitment to getting accurate dental scans.

Navjot Singh

I am a working woman, and my daily schedule is very tight but thanks to LoveMyBraces I can manage my dental checkup whenever and whatever time and date I prefer to. They have clinic almost everywhere, so I had the freedom of choosing the nearest location at my convenience. Thanks, to Dr Vidhi and the entire team who have been very patient with Me and my treatment. I am very hopeful for my future results.

Mona Lama

I am so glad that I went for my aligner treatment from Clove. The centers are hygienic and the staff I extremely professional. I would also like to give a special mention to Dr Vidhi Vatsala for being not only professional but also very friendly and caring at the same time. and Anant for introducing me to LoveMyBraces. Kudos to the Clove team.

Monsoon Beri

Great experience with LMB! Highly recommended. Tried another clear aligners brand (Toothsi) earlier but their treatment couldn’t help my case. LMB addressed my needs and also accommodated my request for express delivery.
In-clinic sessions (at Clove clinics) were thorough and well-guided by the involved dentists. The consultant dentist on my case is very professional & sincere, provides instant support over whatsapp and their daily encouragement to stick to braces schedule sometimes act as a life motivation tips as well.

Vishesh Garg,

New Delhi

The whole experience was fantastic with LoveMyBraces. They give a flexible treatment plan as per your demand and there are a ton of things I didn’t expect throughout my journey that I think are worth sharing
1. The whole treatment was pain-free. 2. The doctors are very caring and responsive. Always approachable. They are always available for help and advice. 3. No frequent visits to the clinic. They took all the scans and other required details from my home without an extra single penny. 4. They provide you EMI options as well, if you would like to opt for it. 5. The assigned representative and doctor from their side are very helpful, genuine and nice. Not a single complaint on this. My overall experience till now is awesome with LoveMyBraces and looking forward to my further treatment.

Ruby Bhati,

Greater Noida

Great experience with a highly professional team. Kudos to the prompt response and wonderful care provided even during these testing Covid times.

Prateek Mathur,

New Delhi

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